Joining the Mt Hotham Ski Patrol

The pathway into Patrol is through our recruitment program. We hold an on-snow skills test each July (one midweek and one weekend). The dates are set at the start of the season. In order to participate in the on-snow skills test you must register prior to the test dates as numbers are limited.
If you are successful in the skills test on snowboard or skis you then shadow Patrollers for the next 1 1/2 days for you to have a look at the job and, in turn, for us to look at you. After that, there is an interview with the Patrol Director, Assistant Patrol Director and Volunteer Patrol Captain where you can ask any questions you may have about patrolling at Mt Hotham and we also assess if you would be a good fit for our team.
Assuming both parties want to continue, you then must register and pass the ASPA Advanced Emergency Medical Care course – regardless of any other medical qualifications you may have. Every Patroller must be ASPA certified and follow ASPA protocol when patrolling.
Successful candidates are required to complete a 2-season training program as a volunteer. There is an expectation that new patrollers commit to being a member of the Mt Hotham patrol for at least 5 years once their training is completed.

Hotham Patrol training program:
Prior to Season 1: complete the Australian Ski Patrol Association Advanced Emergency Care course held in Melbourne/Jindabyne/Sydney in April/May.
Season 1: commit to a minimum of 20 days with an emphasis on being able to attend early season intensive training programs.
Season 2: commit to a minimum of 15 days

It’s a long path and a lot of work but you gain a high level of skill and is a lot of fun working with a great team. After completing the training program, the ongoing commitment is a minimum of 15 days per season. There may be an opportunity to join the paid patrol if a position is available. Candidates with existing skills or who are able to commit more time, could potentially complete the training program in their first season.

David Wilson
Mt Hotham Volunteer Ski Patrol


 Patrol Recruitment Application 2024

The Mt Hotham Patrol is an integrated, highly skilled team of paid and volunteer patrollers who perform both practical and administrative risk management duties.  Our Patrol provides caring assistance, first aid and technical evacuation for injured people within the Hotham Resort area and beyond.

We conduct a recruitment program to select candidates who have a high standard of skiing/boarding skills, a commitment to providing a quality service to the Hotham community and the ability to become a dedicated long-term member of our Patrol team.

If your application is successful, you will be invited to attend one of the following on-snow recruitment sessions.

Two recruitment sessions are available in 2024:
Midweek: Monday 29th July and Tuesday 30th July.
Weekend: Saturday 27th July and Sunday 28th July. 

Each recruitment session is held over 2 days and begins with an on-snow skills test. Candidates who meet the required standard will spend time shadowing our team members where they will complete various risk mitigation tasks, be given a familiarization of some of our first aid equipment and be introduced to our evacuation procedures.  The recruitment days will concludes with an interview.  

The on-snow skills test of the recruitment will be conducted at various locations and consist of 5 runs:

  1. Rhythm change: You will be expected to demonstrate 3 short radius turns, followed by 3 long radius turns and back to short. Emphasis is on a definite transition between both.
  2. Crud:  We’ll take you to the most challenging snow conditions we can find on the day to further test your skills.
  3. Constant radius over rough terrain: You will be expected to ski/board a series of medium radius turns through moguls, showing good absorption, constant turning and good snow edge contact.
  4. Free run: Show us your style having fun on skis/board.
  5. Side slipping: Demonstrate ability to side slip forwards and back. This is a critical technique used in running patients in rescue sleds.

For the first day candidates are to meet at 9am at Patrol Base.  Candidates are expected to have a valid lift pass for the first day of the recruitment program.

A Pre-Recruitment session is scheduled for Sunday 14th July where the on-snow skills will be demonstrated and discussed.  It is not compulsory to attend this session, but you may wish to come along to assist with your preparation.  Details will be emailed to those who have registered.  

There are limited trainee positions available, and candidates will be notified via email of their results.

If you think you would like to contribute to the Mt Hotham Patrol, please click on the link below and complete the form.

Thank you.