Summer Ambulance Service

The volunteer ski patrol is proud to offer its members, equipment and vehicles to the community in order to support events across the community. Our members are highly trained experienced first aiders with experience in the community and a love of the outdoors. We are able to provide our 4×4 ambulance and a range of first aid equipment tailored to suit your event.

The Mt Hotham Volunteer Ski Patrol (MHVSP) is an incorporated and ‘not for profit’ organisation that primarily supports the full time Patrol throughout the winter season. During the “green season” (mid-October to May) the MHVSP is available to provide highly trained first responders to a variety of public events. Our membership includes professionals in the areas of paramedicine, medicine, nursing and other professional services. All MHVSP members are certified to the highest level of Advanced Emergency Care (Ref: Australian Ski Patrol Association Competencies):

  • LTAID001 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, including CPR/AED, Conscious and Unconscious casualty
  • HLTAID003 Provide first aid
  • HLTAID005 Provide first aid in a remote situation
  • HLTAID006 Provide advanced first aid
  • PUAEME003C Administer oxygen in an emergency situation
  • PUAEME005A Provide pain management

At any event, there is always a possibility of someone becoming ill or becoming injured and the organisers have a duty of care to prepare for any unexpected
emergencies. All our first responders hold Advanced Emergency Care certification, and this level of training allows them to determine whether patients can be treated on site or transferred to hospital.
We provide a fully equipped 4WD emergency vehicle fitted out to Ambulance Victoria’s specifications. Therefore, patients can be treated on-site and transferred to
higher medical care if required. The equipment includes an automated gurney, backboard, traction splints, oxygen, major bleed kit, defibrillator, bandages, slings
and other support items. Our first responders are also certified to administer S4 (Restricted Drugs) pain relief-analgesia in the event we must deal with major trauma.
A post event report can be provided detailing number of incidents attended and document the details of all actions and treatments administered.

Contact us for a discussion of your needs and a quote to attend to your next event.